High Quality Receiver and Pressure Tanks for Worldwide Sale

Previous jobs kinds of air receiver tank and pressure tank that mixed sizes, ranging from 10 to 10,000L

Manufacture and sell all types of the receiver tank such as AIR RECEIVER TANK, WATER PRESSURE TANK and CHEMICAL STORAGE TANK. The volume are ranging from 5 Liter up to 100,000 Liter. We are trying to produce our receiver tank products as the best quality selling in cheapest price that is a benefit of our valued customer. The FOB price of Iron Steel Air Receiver Tank is starting from 100 USD per one unit.

Sample image Iron Steel Air Receiver Tank

About our Receiver Tank products

Type of Receiver Tank 
We are pleased to provide you many types of the receiver tank for instance, air receiver tank, water pressure tank, high pressure receiver tank, medium mixing tank and liquid storage tank.

Example Stainless Steel Receiver tank and high pressure tank (left to right)

There are many types of material applied to produce the receiver tank. The main materials are Iron Steel (SS400) and Stainless Steel (SUS304, SUS316). Body material of receiver is very important because it is related to the medium using with the tank. For example, Iron Steel is suitable for producing Air receiver tank while Stainless Steel is more suitable for water, liquid and chemical application. 

Working pressure
Our receiver tanks have designed to resist the working pressure from 1Bar up to 200 Bar depending on what propose of using. The wall thickness or material thickness is an important thing to support the durability. We also have a special test such as Hydrostatic Test to certify that working pressure. 

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Types of Air Receiver Tank

Sample image Air Receiver Tank 5000L drawing
Drawing Horizontal Air Receiver Tank 1000L
Sample image Vertical Air Receiver Tank 100L