Brass Fitting Sample image of our customised brass fitting

Manufacture, sell and export all types of BRASS FITTING such as Brass straight fitting, Brass Union fitting, Brass Nipple, Brass Coupling, Brass Plug and special brass fitting. We make high quality brass ffitting and do it following by our customer requirement. Many type of brass material for example C360, C3600 and C3604 are available. Contact us for a drawing ducussion and special price which we alway give our customer the best price starting from 0.8 USD per price.  

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Brass Fitting Brass Union fitting, Brass Coupling, Brass Straight fitting

About customised brass fitting 

Brass fitting is one of the most commonly used in the industry because of the property of brass material that can resist for rust  very well. However, the limitation of Brass fitting in the market is the size. Generally, the size of brass fitting is ranging from 1/4" up to 2" which are NPT and BSPT male and female thread. But, user sometime need a special size, thread and length. The customised brass fitting is your solution because we can produce it refer to user requirement.       

Brass Fitting Our customised Brass Union fitting that requested a special size of the tube side.

About Brass material 

There are many type of brass materials in the market which are classified from the chemical composition, there are two types of brass material that generally used, first is Brass C36000 or Brass 360 and second is Brass C3604. C3600 brass material is more high quality than C3604 depending on the proportion of CU which is higher than the number of Zn. This type of brass material can finished a fine brass fitting products and usually exported to USA and EU.

Chemical composition of Brass C36000 Example, material certificate of C36000 brass material that shows higher number of CU.

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  • Our customised Brass Union fitting that requested a special size of the tube side.
  • Sample image of our customised brass fitting